WinMock Gives Back | First Fruits Program

WinMock at Kinderton is a division of Sterling Events Group, and has been able to participate in the Sterling Events Group First Fruits Program since our very start. Sterling Events Group has been very blessed over the years and in 1999 First Fruits began as the annual giving program. This program is our way of giving back to the community as a “Thank You” for the blessings that our company experiences daily. Each employee is able to suggest non-profit organizations of their choice to benefit from our giving. Local Food Banks, Rescue Missions, Habitat for Humanity, and the American Red Cross are just a few of the groups we have supported with this program.  Since 1999, Sterling Events Group has given over $130,000 to various non-profit organizations throughout North Carolina.

This year, our employees have chosen the following groups to share our First Fruits contributions:

Heifer International

Habit for Humanity

Meals on Wheels

Salvation Army

Food Bank of NWNC

Rescue Mission

Crisis Control Ministry

American Red Cross

Wounded Warrior Project

Hospice SCAN

Storehouse for Jesus

Stepping Stones

First Fruits

“Bring the best of the first fruits of your soil to the house of the Lord your God.” Exodus 23:19

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Trends for 2014 Holiday Parties

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to throw a party! Whether it be at your home for family and friends or your company’s holiday party, we have come up with a few of our favorite holiday party trends that will have everyone rockin’ around the Christmas tree!

Hot Chocolate Bar

What better way to warm your guests up when they arrive than by escorting them to a warm cup of hot chocolate with all of the toppings? Marshmallows, peppermint sticks, whipped cream, sprinkles, white chocolate chips and cinnamon sticks are just a few ideas to top off this winter-time sundae. Sure to be the hit of any party, for kids and adults alike!

WM Holiday Party Trends

Nutcracker Suite

The holidays bring out the child in everyone. A Nutcracker theme is sure to revive those dancing sugarplums and fill everyone with excitement of the season.

WM Holiday Party Trends2.jpg

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland has become a very popular holiday party theme for our corporate clients here at WinMock.  Well-lit silver and blue décor will transform any space into the most dazzling winter yet!

 WM Holiday Party Trends3

Give Back

Setting the holiday glitz and glamour aside, our absolute favorite trend is to dedicate a portion of your party to helping others. There are many, many ways you can do this at social and corporate events.  We recommend contacting the local Food Bank, Salvation Army or other charities such as Samaritan’s Purse to see what their greatest needs are. Assembling boxes together as a group or volunteering for a charity of your choice together is sure to give everyone a sweet reminder of what they have to be thankful for this holiday season.

WM Holiday Party Trends4

Images: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4/ 5

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Benefits of Online Registration

Registration for an event can cause anxiety for both the attendees as well as the organizers. We have found that online registration helps to alleviate stress on both sides. Below we have addressed what we consider to be the three biggest benefits of online registration.


1. Time. Online registration allows the attendee to register when it is most convenient for them. It is important for the organizer to establish specific open and close dates, giving your registrants ample time to complete the registration.

2. Data Management. Having attendees register online also provides the organizers with the data that they need to have on-file for their guests. If it is necessary to have a credit card on file for hotel room payment, this is the best and safest way to obtain that information. This would also give the organizers an opportunity to request contact information, which is absolutely necessary should any event details change or in case of emergency during the event itself.

3. Reporting. Online registration gives the opportunity to ask detailed questions about the attendee. Depending on what kind of event you are hosting, it could be important to gather demographics such as age, gender, occupation, etc. to help with the planning of future events. Having all of this data allows for more accurate reporting. Discovering that your event appeals more to a particular age group, gender, or occupation could greatly impact the content of your program and how you market the event.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of online registration and how we can help you with your next event, please be sure to reach out to us for more information!


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Cottage Hill at WinMock

WinMock was just smitten to be graced with a visit from Kaitlin Holland of Cottage Hill to showcase the perfect Thanksgiving tablescape in one of our very own naturally lit dining rooms.

Cottage Hill1

Beautiful florals provided by Rebecca Rose Events adorned the center of the table atop a gauzy plant-dyed table runner.

Cottage Hill2

We particularly love the organically shaped slate plates topped with a simple olive leaf branch that paired so effortlessly with vintage-style flatware.

Cottage Hill3

The addition of light from hand-dipped candles adds the ideal touch of holiday warmth.

Cottage Hill4

The colors that Kaitlin chose are absolutely perfect for this time of year. It can be easy to get carried away with holiday décor, but she maintains an incredible relaxed elegance while capturing the essence of fall.


See the full gallery here!

Photography by Lauren Jolly Photography

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Catering Logistics – Tips for Planning the Perfect Group Meal

Whether it be friends, family, coworkers or strangers, food brings people together. Typically the most anticipated part of an event, it is important to provide an inviting menu for your guests. Follow these 5 tips to help cater the perfect group meal.

  1. Know your guests and their preferences. Demographics such as age are very important when planning a meal for a group. An older crowd may prefer a more traditional menu, whereas younger or middle-aged crowds may appreciate a more adventurous line-up. If this is a group you will be doing multiple events for, be sure to pay attention to what the most popular items seem to be so that you can incorporate those whenever possible.
    Illuminate Your Desserts
    Illuminate Your Desserts
  2. Take note of any special needs there may be. Food allergies, religious requirements, and dietary restrictions are all things that must not be overlooked. Ask your guests to provide this information on their event registrations or response cards.
  3. Choose a menu that pairs well with the event agenda. There is no need for your guests to feel rushed and not be able to enjoy their meal. For guests that may be catching a flight around lunchtime, boxed lunches would be a perfect alternative for them. Buffets typically require one hour for everyone to get through the line and have time to be seated and still enjoy their meal whereas plated meals which normally have at least three courses require a little bit more time, about an hour and a half.Veggies
    Seasonal and Local Veggie Display 
  4. Treat your guests with something local! Fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables should always be your go-to picks, but be sure to include local delicacies as well. For example, BBQ or Cheerwine would be a great way to incorporate North Carolina into any event, and not to mention they’re delicious!
  5. Last and certainly not least, presentation is key! The display and aroma of the food should intrigue your guests and get them excited about their next meal.Shrimp Cocktail
    Spice up your Shrimp Cocktail
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Lunch and Learn Events


Does your company hold events for employees or for clients? Are you interested in learning more about WinMock at Kinderton, a full-service events venue perfect for all sorts of events?

You may interested in the WinMock Lunch and Learn events then! During these Lunch and Learn events, we host a business lunch, short presentation, and tour of WinMock and the Hampton Inn Bermuda Run.

image475x475 (4)

The presentation will highlight the benefits of conducting an event at WinMock and the area partnerships that are potential enhancements to any corporate meeting, with the entire event lasting less than two hours.



If you are interested in attending an upcoming event, please reach out to Angela Carleton at or 336.397.2010. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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How to Set up a Panel Discussion

Always start with the goal and objective of the event or meeting. Some meetings pair well with only one speaker at a time or one keynote speaker for the majority of the presentation. In other cases, a panel of multiple members is in line with the objective.

Sponsorship packages and showcasing executive leadership can sometimes be the leading factor in deciding whether or not to set up a panel, but at all times make sure that it is beneficial for the attendees and well-worth their time and attention.

Panel Session

It is not always necessary to set up a panel consisting exclusively of subject matter experts, but you will want to have at least one. Panelists with experience and confidence in public speaking are also important.

In addition to creating a diverse panel with various specialties and backgrounds, you will need a moderator. A moderator should to be skilled at keeping time during the discussion, moving things along when the answer to a question gets tied up, and keep the audience and panelists engaged.

In addition to seeking out and scheduling your panelists and moderator, you should send the questions that will be asked in advance so that everyone involved is as prepared as possible.

WinMock at Kinderton is an ideal location for conferences with ample space for panel discussions and breakout sessions. Interested in learning more about WinMock at Kinderton’s unique setting and full-service corporate event planning? Please contact Angela Carleton at or 339.397.2010.


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Celebrate the Season with WinMock


Book now for extraordinary holiday savings on your event at WinMock! Reach out to Angela Carleton at or 336.397.2010.

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WinMock Featured in The Knot

If you are a Carolina bride or lover of all things weddings, then you must have spotted us in the latest Fall/Winter issue of The Knot Magazine | The Carolinas!

As soon as we found out the exciting news, we were just over the moon with happiness. We were sure to pick up several copies for ourselves just as soon as we could get our hands on it! Flipping through the pages to find the gorgeous photos and special details from Ryan and Matthew’s incredible wedding had us falling in love all over again!

It is such an honor to be included alongside talented event professionals, and we are so thankful for all the hard work from each vendor that went into such an elegant celebration.

image475x475 (1) image475x475 (2) image475x475image475x475 (4)image475x475 (3)image475x475 (5)Loftimage475x475 (6)image475x475 (7)Loft 2First DanceCake

See more photos from the full feature online here!

All photography by Sara Logan Photography

Thank you for the fabulous feature, The Knot!

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Bar Planning Tips

Part of your event planning process is to determine the goal and purpose of the event itself. Once that is figured out, one question off the list is whether or not there will be alcohol served. Be aware of any venue restrictions beforehand–is alcohol permitted, are full bars with liquor allowed, and any other details regarding bartending and serving.

If the decision is to have alcohol, you can choose from a few different options for your event.


If your venue provides a consumption bar package, then this is typically the easiest route and best option to take for any corporate event. This takes the “guesswork” off your plate and into the hands of professionals that plan bars on a very regular basis. In a consumption package, the venue will take care of ordering, delivery, storage, chilling, setting up, and serving of the alcohol. It takes a lot off your event planning to do list and prevents any leftover alcohol that you may have had to deal with otherwise. For this option, you are charged post-event for what is consumed only. Just be sure that in the pre-event planning meetings you discuss with the venue manager the inventory process and calculations for the charges.

Ticket Bar

If providing alcohol lines up with the goal and purpose of the event, but you would still like the alcohol amount to be kept under control and limited, then a ticketed bar may be wise for your event. For this option you would administer a certain number of tickets to each guest–either at the door or beforehand–that are collected by the bartender for each drink ordered. Just like in a consumption bar, you only pay for the drinks consumed, but you have put a limit on how much could be served with a cap on how many tickets were administered.


Cash Bar

For the majority of events you would not want to offer a cash bar for your guests. If you do, though, you will want to ensure that the word is out beforehand, and guests are aware. In this case, the guests are paying for each drink they consume. This is the most budget-conscious option, although you may be stuck with an hourly bartender and convenience fee.

Flat-Rate Package

If you expect your guests to consume a very large amount of alcohol, then this package could be a best fit if your venue offers it. In this case, you pay a flat fee per hour and guest no matter how little or how much alcohol is actually consumed.

Now you know several different bar options–time to get planning!


WinMock at Kinderton offers bar service options that make planning your corporate event easy. Interested in learning more about WinMock at Kinderton’s unique setting and full-service corporate event planning? Please contact Angela Carleton at or 339.397.2010.


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